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My name is Prof. Benjamin Regino and I will explain you the scientific method of fighting chronic pain here. This is not another empty promise, I am offering you method that have been validated through medical tests and clinical trials and which can help you get rid of pain without the use of dangerous pills or painful injections.

No matter what the cause of your problem is - I have some exciting news on the most effective way to solve pain problems that you have never read before.

If you have tried various methods such as taking pills, injections and massages and they still did not give any result - this method will relieve your pain in just 8 minutes and this pain will stop coming back after continuous use of this product for 30 days.

Also, if this is your first attempt to fight pain, it will help you prevent long-lasting pain and other health problems.

You can save a lot of money for buying ineffective painkillers and other useless therapies.

I will show you how Ara managed to get rid of the pain she had been facing for so long and get 100% good body balance after using my invention biomagnetic shoe insole.

  • Ara's confirmed results:
  • free from back pain - without special exercises and procedures
  • free from knee joint pain – just 8 minutes after using it
  • free from severe pain due to migraine
  • regained her full potential and enjoys life again
  • free from skin allergies – this is the result when toxins are leaving your body system

Ara's success is not a miracle.

It has been confirmed by specialized medical trials where we have tested the effectiveness of this method on individuals with more than 40 different types of pain. In each of these diseases, the AcuMagnets Liner has provided relief from the long-lasting pain, and the reaction of each person was very emotional – finally the pain was gone.

I feel like being born again

The chronic pain in my joints was getting unbearable. I could no longer afford to do my favorite activities: mountain climbing, biking or even gardening. I started having liver failure due to taking many medication pills continuously. I was at a dead end and didn’t know what else I should do to recover and enjoy life as before.

Now, I feel like I am getting a new life! Thanks to AcuMagnets, I can now do everything I couldn’t do all this time due to pain. In fact, I even participated in a semi -marathon event. This relief is amazing!

Dina Cho, 38 years old

Comfortable to work

I’m a hairdresser, so I spend a lot of time standing up. Because of that I experienced severe pain in my legs, calves and spine. Since I started using AcuMagnets pads, the pain that had been with me all my life was over and I am back to loving my work!

Eda Rosse, 34 years old

My suffering is over

The pain due to menstruation has prevented me from enjoying a normal life. As these days were coming, I couldn’t get out anywhere even to work. I would just lie down while enduring the severe pain. A nightmare!

Luckily my mom gave me AcuMagnets. I never thought that it would help me, but it really did! I was finally pain free and no longer felt depressed. Mom always knows what's best.

Juvy Motto, 23 years old

Finally, my wife stopped complaining

At home, there is always something to do. Whether it’s installing some lamps or repairing bikes - my wife is always finding me work to do. But, how should I bend down or stand up straight when my spine can’t function properly? My excess weight was the biggest struggle.

My brother had recommended the AcuMagnets insoles to me because it had helped him treat his kidneys. And now it helps me too. Not only the spine, but I have also lost 6 kg! Eventually I realized that it was the effect of the increase in my body’s metabolic rate caused by the removal of toxins through the help of AcuMagnets. But, what is more important is that now, my wife can count on me for everything.

Buwi Reyes, 52 years old

Goodbye sciatica!

Anyone who has ever experienced pain caused by sciatica disease certainly knows that it is the worst pain that has ever existed. I have had several series of injections; however, the pain was coming back even worse ... the AcuMagnets insole has proven to be my savior. I stopped feeling sick and I am feeling great.

Maui Ramos, 56 years old

A relieved person

As far as I remember, all this time I was a person who was always sick and very prone to various diseases. I often have stomach aches due to stress; my muscles were always tired and my legs hurt every time I walk… Because of all this, I now wear AcuMagnets

Michelle Aquino, 36 years old

I lost weight!

For half a year I tried to lose weight, but I was not able to due to the toxins in my body.

All methods were ineffective, so I took the risk by trying biomagnetic insoles. It was the right decision to make. I got rid of toxins forever and in the meantime, I have managed to lose 20 kg and I am getting more and more energetic!

Marita Salazar, 29 years old

I thought there is no healthier way to fight pain

I don’t like taking any pills or wasting money on expensive procedures or massages. Unfortunately, I had to rely on physiotherapy help for years as a result of arthritis.

I was looking for a cheap and effective way when I discovered AcuMagnets. The pain fades away within minutes, and disappears completely after 30 days. I feel so strong right now!

Jaime Alvarez, 53 years old

My youth is back!

We all know that the older we get, the weaker we become. The joints and muscles are getting weaker, even the internal organs are getting less and less functional… but, I want to be a cheerful grandmother and not just a helpless old person. Fortunately I found AcuMagnets insoles and I was no longer sick. I am getting better each day. Great, isn't it?!

Pia Jimenez, 68 years old






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Thanks to the innovative combination of acupressure and magnetic therapy the AcuMagnets Liner successfully relieves pain without any side effects.

How to use the liner:

Place your feet on top of the AcuMagnets liner to ensure the appropriate size.

Then trim along the cutting line.

Insert the AcuMagnets liner into the shoe and enjoy it.

How to get rid of pain with scientifically proven method? No pills, no injections nor expensive procedures

You will soon forget the time when you suffered from pain and you worried about your severe physical condition. This is a way to get rid of painful symptoms and get your life back.

It's very easy. You just have to put a biomagnetic liner inside your shoes and… walk. You do what you often do and the body will start to function differently. The magnetic field will penetrate the tissues of the body where you will begin to feel that the pain diminishes rapidly. The 970-Gauss magnetic pressure stimulates the flow of oxygen in the body and nourishes the cells as well as detoxifies the body system. As a result, you will stop feeling pain and your body function will improve. You do not have to change your diet, take painkillers, get injections, do massages or surgery. This is because your body is getting stronger against pain. The painless effect is not a trick or a miracle, it is the effect of scientific and non-invasive methods of overcoming pain: a combination of old methods (known for their effectiveness for hundreds of years), acupressure and modern magnetic therapy. Thanks to this two-way method, you will achieve the following effects:

  • you will get rid of the most terrible pain - without suffering,
  • you will regain your full motoric skills - without feeling isolated in your life,
  • you will improve the function of every organ in your body.

Effects of pain relief therapy using AcuMagnets – data report

  • Relieves pain in the joints and spine

  • Relieves muscle pain

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Lose excess weight

  • Reduces pain in internal organs

  • Relieves food and skin allergies


Acupressure body functions

Special buttons massage your feet as you walk, stimulating your nerves. The automatic massage produces better blood circulation to all organs, which is very important for our health because the blood transfers important substances through the body: oxygen, hormones, immune antibodies, enzymes and even gets rid of harmful toxins.

Magnetic Field Action

The magnetic field absorbs rapidly into the painful tissue and prevents electrical impulses from flowing through the pain. Signs of pain disappear in less than a second. Additionally, 970-Gauss magnetic energy makes red blood cells reach even the smallest capillaries. Due to this, enriched oxygen and nourished tissue cells accelerate the clearance of toxins. Treatment of inflammation is accelerated as well, swelling and hypersensitivity disappear.

A lot of people have successfully overcome chronic pain

Studies have shown that the first results of using biomagnetic liners are noticed for less time that you need to read this text. You need to start acting NOW if you want to relieve your pain. It is the right moment to make a decision. You either decide that this is too perfect to believe in and give up. Or you take the first step toward to a better new life without constant pain.

Whether you believe in a scientific solution to the problem of pain or not ....

No matter what the physiotherapist, masseuse, or all the alternative therapists tell you ...

No matter how often you hear that fighting pain is an affliction, and you can’t get rid of it completely...

AcuMagnets is the simplest, most reliable and most effective method of non-invasive pain relief ever created.

But the main decision is in your hands.

Do you want to join the thousands of women and men who got rid of constant pain and regained their physical capabilities and happy lives back?

I have told you all about this method. You know how it works and how those who have tried it describe its effectiveness. But I understand that it’s a little hard to believe the method you’ve just learned. That is why I want to remove all the risks associated with the effectiveness of AcuMagnets. Therefore I have the following notes:

How to order AcuMagnets

Fill out the form in our web page

We will contact you for more information

Shipping costs are free and you only need to pay after receiving the order

AcuMagnets test without risk!

I’m a scientist, so I know how pain can be life threatening and affect your self -confidence. Unfortunately, I can’t make that decision for you, but what I can do is to help you make it. That’s why I want to offer you a simple suggestion - without any additions or small prints.

I am very confident that you will be able to get rid of the pain in a matter of minutes, and after 30 days, you will be able to forget about the pain forever. I will add a THREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE offer.

Guarantee of authenticity

- AcuMagnets combines for the first time two effective therapeutic methods to relieve pain into one. Its function to fight pain and improve body performance has been confirmed through clinical trials. Such a solution will not be found in any of the products available in the market. So, trust me that you can only get this product through this page.

Guaranteed quality

– The advanced production method of AcuMagnets biomagnetic liners makes it possible to comply with high quality standards. The strength of the magnetic field is specially selected for its effectiveness but not to be harmful to the body. The main goal is to meet your expectations 100%.

Guaranteed satisfaction

- Many peopled confirmed the effectiveness of AcuMagnets liners. Based on these results, this therapy has gained recognition from the best physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists around the world where they are recommending it to their patients. Just like me, everyone are very confident that the pain will go away after just 1 month.

This is a straight offer - you only pay what you get and not what is promised. Taking into account this privilege, you just need to decide and accept the offer and fill out the booking form. You will not lose anything as the shipping costs are covered.

Don’t forget that this offer is free of any risk. So, if in your case, the usage of biomagnetic liners does not give the results as promised - please contact me. I will do my best to help solve your problem and as soon as possible to achieve the desired result.

Is there any safer way to get rid of the pain? Keep in mind that the amount of products is limited. The limited offer will expire soon, so DO IT NOW!

AcuMagnets biomagnetic liner – you can join the discount club now.






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